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Utilize Hashtags Properly


By now the world is acquainted with the relatively “new” use for hashtags that has emerged over the last decade or so. Hashtags are no longer used just to signal a number, they are now an integral tool in social media and an important utility for individuals and brands to utilize in engaging with their [Read More]

Social Media Ideas for Restaurants in 2019

We love working with restaurants in building their social media attention! Social media is an integral part of today’s marketing, and even if you AREN’T active on social media, you can be sure that your customers are tweeting, publishing, and posting about your food, service, and establishment. Here are a few ideas to develop your [Read More]

Facebook Ads versus Faceboost Boosts

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Oh, Facebook! Where would we be without all your options? Today, I’m here to chat with you about the difference between Facebook Ads and Facebook Boosting. If you have a business on Facebook, you have more than likely been prompted to boost one or more of your posts. Maybe you’ve tried it.  But, did you [Read More]

Digital Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

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You know this already: social media is of ever-growing importance to businesses, and should absolutely be taken advantage of. Part of that is keeping informed of the newest trends so that you are able to give your business the greatest leverage. 2018 has been a year of expanding and building off of 2017 social media [Read More]

Business Page Templates Set to Change on Facebook

Businesses that have a Facebook page, pay attention! (And yes, if you have a business – no matter large or small – you should have a Facebook page). Changes to the Facebook business pages will be implemented on (or around) August 24, 2018. These changes come as Facebook is working to make its user experience [Read More]

LCM Social Strategy: Part 1, Real Estate

Real estate agents and brokers can win their marketing – and buy or sell homes! – by mastering social media. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, the majority of the population has their eyes fixed on their phones throughout a large part of the day – scrolling, texting, tweeting – and you [Read More]

LCM's Social Media Internal Memo

Team: Wanted to get you a little ‘cheat-sheet’ as it pertains to social media marketing and management. The 1st rule in social media is a no-brainer, but people, businesses, and brands ALWAYS forget…you need to be social on social media. You cannot just set it and forget it, like a garden it needs to be [Read More]

Social Media Trends to Look for in 2018

We all know how many social media advancements we’ve seen in 2017. From Snapchat users being lured away by Facebook to Apple’s latest plans and even all the way up to the POTUS and his famous Tweets, everyone is into new ways of communicating by using the many mobile devices available today. And now, 2018 [Read More]

SnapChat to Produce Content with NBCUniversal


Funny to think that just a few weeks ago there were a number of SnapChat and social media aficionados (myself included) that deemed the platform dead. Or dying. Given it’s final days. When Instagram ‘borrowed’ the Stories concept – which then absolutely took off – it looked like SnapChat was all but snuffed out. While [Read More]

The Current State of Facebook (Still Growing!)

You’ve probably read a post or seen an article that stated something like this: ‘Facebook is dying’. In fact, even I doubted the tech giant at times, pointing to the fact that the younger generations are turning more to apps like SnapChat while turning their back on the app that was born when I was [Read More]

Keep Your Focus Where the Attention Is (Hint: Mobile Devices)


As a marketer, brand storyteller, and entrepreneur, I often find myself observing others to get an understanding – at least in small sample – of how individuals may react to various advertising tactics and techniques, both in traditional form and on social media. Watching Super Bowl LI this past winter, I looked around at friends [Read More]

LCM Visits WTSN’s ‘Open Mic’ with Mike Pomp on 98.1


Back in February, Loud Canvas Media had the honor of being a guest on WTSN’s Open Mic morning show with host Mike Pomp.  The topics of discussion included social media management and digital marketing, as well as website design, development, and security. For reference, we’ve compiled the best information from the interview below.  A big [Read More]