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Success on the internet doesn’t just happen. It’s a result of hard work and knowledge, and some may say a little luck. But the truth is –  the more you know, and the harder you work, the luckier you get. And we’re very lucky!

Our success is a result of a lot of hard work  and a deep knowledge of all things web. If you have a need to drive consumers to your place of business, we can help. And it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

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Every business wants an attractive website, and certainly that is important, but the design is actually just a container for other important elements. You can have the most beautiful website on the web, but if potential clients can’t find you in their searches, what good is it? More importantly, even if they can find you, but are not clicking on your search result listing, that is a potential customer lost. Web design is all about conversion.

At Loud Canvas we take a holistic approach to building your website. After all the primary goal of your website is to grow your business. Loud Canvas’ mission is to increase your search engine rankings, and traffic to your site. But, we don’t stop there. Once a potential customer visits your site, we want them to convert to sales. Whether that is an online purchase of a product, visiting your business location, or connecting with a sales person.

Loud Canvas Media is more than a great Website Design Company. We are a great Website Development Company – committed to your success!

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Introducing: Madison 2 Main

In the 1920's, Madison Avenue New York, emerged as the marketing mecca of the world. For the first time, advertising agencies (famously known as "Mad Men") & NYC's most elite brands were on one street.

Our team has spent two decades delivering solutions that dominate to Fortune 100 Clients & Small businesses alike.

Est. in 2002 & Rooted on the East Coast, Loud Canvas Local's heart beats loudly for our communities. That's why we're on a mission to bring Madison 2 Main.

Exposing Marketing Secrets and Helping Main Street Win!

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Point of Care Ultrasound Certification Academy

Engaging with this amazing team & their mission made this project a passionate one for our team. From UI/UX heuristic evaluations, ADA compliance, to custom web design and development, this website showcases when passion meets talent.

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King & Parsons

We worked with the Knee Hip Shoulder Center, leaders in joint care, to refresh their brand, handcraft a new website, and configure an evergreen patient feedback system that increases their digital authority with every surgery!

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Bosen and Associates

We worked with local Portsmouth Law Firm Bosen and Associates to design and develop a modern site. Alongside the project we provided photography and video as well as a new logo and look for the firm.

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Exposing Marketing Secrets

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