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Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is an art. Beyond radio and newspaper advertising, billboards and park benches, your audience is on Facebook and Instagram. Every. Single. Day. From the moment your perfect customer wakes up to when they go to bed, they are constantly checking newsfeeds, stories & discovering new experiences they may enjoy. Information is so outrageously [Read More]

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Recap Monday Jan 6 – Jan 12

Arthur Thomas Properties is moving their office location! In their new, beautiful location they are using a kiosk in their entryway to better assist their visitors.  LCM built them an equally beautiful app to use not only for the kiosk’s tablet, but it can also be downloaded on mobile phones through the app stores. Now, [Read More]

The King Of Online Content – We Do Wednesday

If you are looking for ways to elevate your company’s appeal in a short amount of time, nothing is quite as effective as video.

How Loud Canvas Budgets Time for Our Client’s Needs

Time is a precious thing. People are always concerned that they don’t have enough of it, it passes too quickly, it is being wasted, and it is something out of their control.  When dealing with various web and digital marketing projects it is always important to remember the preciousness of time.   In today’s day [Read More]