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Loud Canvas Gives 2024 Announcement

Announcing the Winner of the Loud Canvas Gives 2024 Giveaway

We are incredibly excited to announce that Brigid’s House of Hope has been selected as the grand prize winner of the Loud Canvas Gives 2024 campaign! 

After reviewing entries from numerous deserving nonprofits, Brigid’s House of Hope stood out not only for its compelling mission but also as the most voted-for entry by our team.

Introducing Brigids House of Hope

We are proud to shine a spotlight on Brigid’s House of Hope, the well-deserved winner of the Loud Canvas Gives 2024 campaign. Brigid’s House of Hope stands out as New Hampshire’s first state-wide accessible, long-term restorative safe house dedicated to the recovery of victims and survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.

A Safe Haven for Healing

In a confidential area in New Hampshire, Brigid’s House of Hope offers a safe and nurturing environment in apartment-style units that allow up to six women over 18 to participate in their comprehensive long-term residential program.

Beyond just a place to stay, Brigid’s House provides essential support services, including food, basic necessities, and vital case management. It diligently works to connect residents to critical medical and mental health services through extensive community partnerships, building a robust network for whole-person recovery support.

Expanding Reach and Support

Understanding that healing and recovery transcend beyond physical safety, Brigid’s House has grown to incorporate a Rapid Rehousing Rental Assistance program. This initiative significantly broadens its capacity to support not just women but also families and male survivors, enabling them to live independently in the community of their choice while still accessing the extensive support services offered by Brigid’s House.

Vital Community Partnerships

The efficacy of Brigid’s House’s programs is amplified through strategic partnerships with local organizations like Lamprey Health and Granite Recovery Centers. These collaborations ensure residents receive timely and essential healthcare and substance misuse treatment. An extensive array of services, including mental health services, medical and dental care, faith-based support, continuing education, and job training, is accessible. This holistic approach to recovery is designed to facilitate a safe and empowering reintegration into the community.

Loud Canvas Gives 2024 Prize

So what did Brigid’s House of Hope win?

As our winners this year, Brigid’s House of Hope will receive over $50,000 in digital services from our award-winning team. This includes a comprehensive digital strategy consultation, a custom-designed website, and a suite of digital marketing services such as SEO and data analytics. These resources are intended to amplify their online presence, helping them connect with more donors, increase community engagement, and ultimately, expand their capacity to assist more survivors.

Thank You To All Of Our Participants

We were blown away by the number of entries we received and are so grateful for the opportunity to learn about so many important missions close to our home. We’ll reach out to every submission to see how we can collaborate going forward.

I found it incredibly rewarding to be able to have the opportunity to learn about so many organizations making a real difference in our community – we are looking forward to getting know everyone in a 1:1 meeting to see how we can collaborate this year.

To every Non Profit that participated this year, Thank you!

Your work inspires us, and we look forward to discovering more ways to support each of you in the future.

Follow our journey with Brigid’s House of Hope and learn how digital transformation can empower nonprofits to reach their full potential.

Samuel Wood

Part developer and part designer, Sam has practice working with a full suite of tools important for any project. With experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, and WordPress, as well as Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Sam graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor of Science in Web Development and Design. While Sam isn’t working on websites he designs t-shirts, plays tabletop games with friends, and goes skiing.

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