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Hybrid App Development

USA based Hybrid Mobile App Development

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Hybrid Apps For All Mobile Devices


The Loud Canvas programming team specializes in Hybrid App Development. What is a hybrid app? A hybrid app runs in a native container to leverage the device’s browser engine, but not the actual browser. It utilizes these native features to render web languages likes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to display content.

So why should you consider a hybrid app when deciding you need a mobile app? One advantage of hybrid apps is they allow content to be displayed offline. This is very convenient for apps like expos, which might have static content like maps and vendor listings. All this information can be added to an app! That will make this information quick and easily accessible whether or not you are connected to the internet.

Loud Canvas builds for both Android and iOS. So, your app will be on both app stores and available to everyone with these devices. This makes your app searchable and easily found by anyone with a mobile device.

With the use of NativeScript and a support plan, you can rest assured your app will work on all the latest devices.

Hybrid App Development
Hybrid Apps – Developed to operate on both iOS and Android devices.

Why Your Business Should Consider a Hybrid App:

5 Reasons your business should have a mobile ap



Learn How a Hybrid App Can Benefit You.


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5 Advantages of Hybrid Apps


  1. Reduced App Development Time and Expense: Your development costs will be drastically cut because the code only has to be written once for both iOS and Android. This is opposed to the app being written individually for iOS and Android.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: It’s much easier for users with devices with different operating systems to interact with your app because the app is written once for both iOS and Android the user interface will be identical.
  3. Integration: Hybrid app can easily access features on both iOS and Android devices including messaging, cameras, GPS, and more.
  4. Offline Use: Similar to native apps, hybrid apps can store useful information needed to use the app. Your app will function with and without an internet connection.
  5. High-Speed Performance: Hybrid apps don’t rely solely on a network connection, so they can run quickly on a device screen even during peak network traffic times.
Hybrid App Development

Call us today at (833) LOUD-CANVAS (568-3226) and we’ll give you a complimentary Hybrid App Development Consultation.

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