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Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder!

You only get one shot at a first impression. You blow it, and you lose a client. For many of your clients it is going to be your website design, and its content, that is going to be their first impression. That is why it is important you do it right the first time – and every time thereafter. If you are looking for the right website design company, Loud Canvas has been getting it right for years.

Additionally, your website design shows your potential clients how you view your business, and more importantly how you view your customers. Your site is an essential part of your brand and should be treated accordingly.

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The majority of people decide if they like something (or not) in the first few seconds they see it. If only given a few minutes to read content, according to an Adobe study, 66 percent of people prefer to see it presented around a beautiful design, versus something plain and simple. But beauty is only a small part of website development.

Your website needs to be created in such a way that not only is it going to look beautiful on a large computer screen, but it has to grab your potential customer’s attention on a mobile phone screen as well.

Loud Canvas is a website design agency with over 15 years of experience in designing sites that look beautiful on all platforms from desktop computers to small mobile phones. More importantly our sites are designed to convert visitors to customers.

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