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Lead Generation

Generate Qualified Leads by Offering Real Solutions

Lead Generation

A Lifeline to Your Success

The Loud Canvas Digital Marketing team creates customized lead generators to help you build your list of potential leads that are uniquely yours. A list far superior to those that other lead companies try to sell.

We are talking “Hot” leads you receive immediately, that are uniquely yours and interested in your product or services, that you can follow-up on immediately. Verses “Cold” leads that have been sold over and over again, have been contacted multiple times by multiple companies, and are still being contacted.

There are no higher quality leads than those generated from your own website. You can be assured they are interested in your products and/or services because they have willingly sent you their contact information. All that is left is for you to close the deal, and delight them with your service.

Gaining qualified leads is the key to success. This is where Loud Canvas excels as a lead generation company. Remember, the qualified leads generated are exclusively yours, untouchable by your competition, which you can nurture based on their product interest, geographically and seasonally.

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The Power of Lead Generation

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Start Generating Qualified Leads


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Creating Lead Generators that Create Hot Leads!

Optimizing your website for lead generation is not as easy as just adding a “click here” button. The most effective lead generation requires a more strategic approach, an understanding of who your clients are.

We take time to understand who your audience is. By doing so, we can create the best lead generators to grab the attention of your potential leads. Once those are created, it is then a matter of locating them on the most appropriate page.

Lead generators can take very different forms including:

  • Emails
  • Email newsletters
  • White papers
  • Landing pages with forms
  • Informational videos
  • Webinars

Or pretty much any form that will interest your potential lead, and motivate them to send the required contact information so they can view the content.

Your future prospects are out there looking for you, or someone like you to work with. The sooner you give those prospects a reason to work with you, the less likely they are to move on to your competition.

Find Qualified Leads
80% of marketers using automation software generate increased leads and 77% convert more of those leads. (APSIS)

Call us today at (833) LOUD-CANVAS(568-3226) and we’ll give you a complimentary Lead Generation Consultation.

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