8 Tips: How to Protect Your WordPress Website

Why WordPress is Dominant WordPress, launched in 2003, has become the most widely used full content management system in the world. It is an open source, community-based system and therefore entirely free. Ever-improving template options, plug-ins, SEO capability and client portal functionality have been essential to its success, making it competitive with the best proprietary [Read More]

SnapChat to Produce Content with NBCUniversal

Funny to think that just a few weeks ago there were a number of SnapChat and social media aficionados (myself included) that deemed the platform dead. Or dying. Given it’s final days. When Instagram ‘borrowed’ the Stories concept – which then absolutely took off – it looked like SnapChat was all but snuffed out. While [Read More]

The Current State of Facebook (Still Growing!)

You’ve probably read a post or seen an article that stated something like this: ‘Facebook is dying’. In fact, even I doubted the tech giant at times, pointing to the fact that the younger generations are turning more to apps like SnapChat while turning their back on the app that was born when I was [Read More]