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LCM's 5 Rules of SoMe for Businesses & Brands:

1) Social media is not simply something that you can ‘set and forget’. Each platform becomes your garden – you must tend to it, cultivating relationships and curating content.
2) Engage, educate, and execute. Talk to those in your circle, educate those outside of it, and execute – to build new relationships, foster new friendships, and gain new clients.
3) Put out a high QUANTITY of high QUALITY content on your platforms – you’ll build awareness of your business and your brand, further gaining leverage.
4) Provide information of value. Make sure that your content has meaning (and it’s not simply a retweet of some cute cat photo).
5) Remember that you are talking to other humans…share your story and listen to theirs.


Social Media Manager
Part marketing strategist, part educator, all business. Chad is a proven communicator, lending his social media expertise to Loud Canvas Media. From building out brands and businesses on any number of social platforms from scratch, to giving clients tactics to reach new digital marketing heights, Chad is the guy for the job. He’s a practitioner; he’s always on top of the digital landscape; and he’s focused on the business of attention — pointing all eyeballs to you–boosting your brand’s awareness.

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