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Digital Natives: How Youth Perceive The Internet

Today’s youth are digital natives.

On the one hand, they are comfortable accessing and utilizing the Internet as well as the masses of applications that are developed daily. On the other, they are seemingly at ease with the lack of privacy that the internet has created, a space where it’s almost considered odd to NOT know what someone is doing on a particular afternoon or what their relationship status is. In the media-saturated tech-driven world that we live in, children perceive the Internet (and especially their mobile devices) as an extension of themselves. This ease of use has led to claims that the internet can either harm (rendering them antisocial) or help (as a learning tool) the youth.

But just what do the children think of the Internet? We had the opportunity to interview a group of 5th graders to ask for ourselves. The results of which…. are now being shared. With the Internet.

“What can you tell me about the Internet?”

  • Lola, 10 – Google is very useful because you can search for anything, find a location, and even use Google docs. You can get to many sources of information. Apps on your phone are cool, too. Like Instagram, where you can share your pictures with everyone. You can use different types of websites for projects and things that you are working on.
  • Ian, 10 – A website is for informational purposes. Twitter is for communication. YouTube is for entertainment. It’s hard to explain, but the internet can do everything you want it to.
  • Dean, 11 – Websites do different things for different people. One of the best things the internet can do though is help people to communicate. You can stay in touch with someone who lives far away! It’s awesome.
  • Camden, 10 – The Internet is for information about people, places, and things. You can be entertained, you can communicate, and you can mingle with others. Don’t know something? You can just look it up!
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