WordPress Mistakes (and How They Can Be Fixed!)

WordPress is an incredibly robust content management system that is great for beginner and advanced web designers alike. However, even though it is generally very intuitive, there are number of common mistakes that are often made by its users. Whether you are new to WordPress or are an experienced user, you should be able to [Read More]

Your Social Media Content Recipe: Created vs. Curated

Many business and brands reach out to us and ask, “What is the best mix of content on our social media channels?” It’s a question that’s been asked a number of times before and will be continued to be asked as platforms grow, change, ebb, and flow. The truth is, there is no ‘one-size fits [Read More]

8 Tips: How to Protect Your WordPress Website

Why WordPress is Dominant WordPress, launched in 2003, has become the most widely used full content management system in the world. It is an open source, community-based system and therefore entirely free. Ever-improving template options, plug-ins, SEO capability and client portal functionality have been essential to its success, making it competitive with the best proprietary [Read More]