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Recap Monday Jan 6 – Jan 12

Arthur Thomas Properties is moving their office location! In their new, beautiful location they are using a kiosk in their entryway to better assist their visitors.  LCM built them an equally beautiful app to use not only for the kiosk’s tablet, but it can also be downloaded on mobile phones through the app stores. Now, [Read More]

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How Loud Canvas Budgets Time for Our Client’s Needs

Time is a precious thing. People are always concerned that they don’t have enough of it, it passes too quickly, it is being wasted, and it is something out of their control.  When dealing with various web and digital marketing projects it is always important to remember the preciousness of time.   In today’s day [Read More]

RECAP MONDAY Dec 30 – Jan 5

Happy 2020 from Loud Canvas! Since it was another holiday week there has not been a ton of news to talk about, but as always we wanted to share the awesome information we have made for all of you this past week! On Tuesday we talked about six tips to grab attention and to make [Read More]

Print Marketing’s Place in the Digital Age

A simple Google search into print marketing will tell you all you need to know. An array of headlines that run the gamut from Print Marketing is Dead to Print Marketing is Not Dead (Not Dying Either) will flood your screen. Like most things, the truth can be found in the middle of the hyperbole. [Read More]