New Site Launch: Smitty's GameLAB

The third brand new – and awesome – website that we’ve recently launched is for Smitty’s GameLAB! Based at their Sanford, Maine, location Smitty’s GameLAB redefines family fun as we know it. They bring you and your family the ultimate family entertainment experience by combining today’s hottest arcade games, ten-pin bowling, a luxurious bar and [Read More]

New Site Launch: Woodbury Mountain Toys

Another tremendous website that we’ve recently launched is our creation for Woodbury Mountain Toys! They are an awesome toy store in beautiful downtown Montpelier, Vermont, who was looking for an updated – and playful – design and logo to match their playful business! Their existing website – which was an online shop – did not [Read More]

New Site Launch: Timber Lane Allergy & Asthma Associates

The team at Loud Canvas Media has been working on TON of great websites, and we’re proud to announce the first of that group today – we’ve recently launched Timber Lane Allergy & Asthma Associates new website! TLAAA is a trio of physicians who are top allergy, asthma, and clinical immunology specialists, and they’ve been [Read More]

Why We Use Bootstrap


If you are not aware, Bootstrap is a CSS styling framework that makes sure your website is responsive. It also has a lot of functionality that makes website development quick and easy. While Bootstrap should be used simply as a crutch (and not a way to fully design your site), George in our office tends [Read More]

New Site Launch: Dover Bowl

LCM is proud to announce the launch of Dover Bowl’s new website! The family fun center – which is a tremendous place to hang out and have fun with friends and family – now has a website to match the experience! From bowling to bingo, entertainment to birthday parties, you can find it all quickly [Read More]

New Site Launch: amherstpt.com

Amherst Physical Therapy

Loud Canvas Media is happy to announce the launch of Amherst Physical Therapy’s brand new website! They are the best in helping their clients get happy and healthy again with top-notch service, and now they have a top-notch website to showcase these tremendous offerings at AmherstPT.com. Amherst PT specializes in treating the whole patient for [Read More]

WordPress Mistakes (and How They Can Be Fixed!)

Loud Canvas WordPress Multi Site

  WordPress is an incredibly robust content management system that is great for beginner and advanced web designers alike. However, even though it is generally very intuitive, there are number of common mistakes that are often made by its users. Whether you are new to WordPress or are an experienced user, you should be able [Read More]

New Site Launch: affinityledlight.com

Affinity Website

We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new website for Affinity LED Lighting! They are leaders in helping their clients reduce energy usage, and now they have a leading website at https://affinityledlight.com/. Their view of doing business is to help their clients to reduce energy and lighting maintenance costs, while improving the [Read More]

New Site Launch: 1HandicapVans.com

LCM is proud to announce the launch of another great new website for a client! This time, we’ve launched 1HandicapVans.com and our client finally has their place in the digital landscape! This new site coincides with their growing role as a regional provider of handicap vans and accessories to numerous hospitals, senior centers, and educational [Read More]

New Site Launch: Heavy Construction Academy

Heavy Construction Academy

LCM is proud to announce the launch of Heavy Construction Academy’s new website! They have a TON of great information regarding their program, but on their old site, they simply weren’t able to express just what they could offer.  The information was jumbled, the site was difficult to navigate, and it hadn’t been mobile-ready. Their [Read More]

8 Tips: How to Protect Your WordPress Website

Loud Canvas WordPress Multi Site

Why WordPress is Dominant WordPress, launched in 2003, has become the most widely used full content management system in the world. It is an open source, community-based system and therefore entirely free. Ever-improving template options, plug-ins, SEO capability and client portal functionality have been essential to its success, making it competitive with the best proprietary [Read More]

New Site Launch: Coyote Creek Outfitters

coyote creek outfitters

We are proud to announce the launch of Coyote Creek Outfitters’ brand new website! Their new site is so simple for users to navigate, and with images that pop from the page, they will be able to easily drive attention to their tremendous products and services. Coyote Creek Outfitters was established six years ago in [Read More]

New Site Launch: Londonderry Physical Therapy


The launch of Londonderry Physical Therapy’s new website gives them a sleek home on the internet – one that is incredibly easy for patients of past, present, and future to navigate. After reviewing design with the team to know exactly what they were looking for, Loud Canvas Media was able to efficiently create a professional [Read More]

What Makes a Website ‘Great’?

Website Design

Have you ever thought about what makes a website really stand out? What is it that makes a great website better than a ‘good’ one? A great website is one that is mobile friendly (Read more on that from our Archives!), aesthetically pleasing (complete with photos as well as an attention-grabbing font), and is loaded [Read More]