What Makes a Website ‘Great’?

Have you ever thought about what makes a website really stand out? What is it that makes a great website better than a ‘good’ one?

A great website is one that is mobile friendly (Read more on that from our Archives!), aesthetically pleasing (complete with photos as well as an attention-grabbing font), and is loaded with a high quantity of high quality original content. Great websites are well organized, are easy to both read and navigate, and allow the user to engage and interact.

The Internet is a dynamic world, ever-changing and moving faster by the moment. Great websites are those that are memorable, entertain an audience, sell to consumers, and provide value. What makes for a great website? We asked friends of ours on Twitter @loudcanvas to weigh in, and they provided us with some great input and advice. Check it out some of our favorites:

  • Jim Carter @MSLJim: Great sites jab you from the start with clean #webdesign and #typography finishing off an uppercut of informative content!
  • Bree Kelley @SmartSuiteBree: Seamless UX!
  • Josh McCormack @joshmccormack: A great website is as simple as it can be to clearly servce its purpose and not confuse visitors or burden the editors.
  • Adam Mulholland @adam_mulholland: Clean #UI, limited ads (none), great #content, and the right #branding. A website is a temple. It should always be improved.
  • Hope Brookins @HopeBrookins: Personality is what makes a website really great.
  • Dawn Swick-Renshaw @dawnswick: IMO it is inviting, informative, and user friendly.
  • Jason Long @jasonmlong: That’s a deep question. But I think it’s attention to detail, craftsmanship, and hard work. Just like every aspect of life.
  • Ilias Ismanalijev @illyism: User experience, simpleness, brevity and focus on one task. Planning and care. Pretty design and innovation

What are your thoughts on what makes a website really great? What are some traits that every awesome website has? Comment below, tweet at us, or send us a message on Facebook to let us know!

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