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Are SEO Companies Worth It?

Are you trying to decide if it’s worth it to invest in SEO?  

In short, I’m going to answer this question with a “Yes, if…”

Your company benefits from SEO

When a potential client comes to Loud Canvas with a marketing need, we always look at the specific business and industry and then ask the question:  

Would your company benefit from better search engine performance or rankings?  

If not, take a look at which digital marketing alternatives are available in order to benefit the company’s bottom line and marketing goals.

Often, it is a mixture of digital resources that provides the best value.; the solution is not always black and white.  If the client’s budget allows, we consider whether this particular company could use Paid Search, PPC (Pay Per Click) or Social Media Marketing to help increase their digital presence. 

With marketing, businesses are usually looking for immediate results. Many times PPC campaigns are used during the beginning stages of a digital marketing campaign to help gain some traction. Once these campaigns take off, they are then tapered off due to an increase in organic SEO. 

More site traffic helps you reach your goals

By definition, SEO is the process of improving search engine ranking position (SERP).  The concept is: if a site can be found, then it will be clicked on. But, what happens next?

Does the site have the right kind of visitors?  Is it reaching its target demographic? Does it effectively lead visitors to take the desired action the site is built towards? 

This brings the conversation to Site Optimization; which is a whole other ballgame. Here, the questions should be asked are:  “If we can drive tons of traffic to the site, which traffic is converting to paying customers?” “What paths are they taking?” “Is anything getting in their way?” “What are they looking for?” 

Through monitoring traffic flow, all of these questions can be answered. Front-facing text and site elements can be adjusted and backend alterations can be made to improve conversion rates. 
The important thing to remember here is: once people click on a company in search results, they need to be nurtured and guided when they reach their site.  A site should give them what they want, make it easy for them to find it, lead them to a place that will help them achieve their end goals and the end goals of the business. 

Site speed is another area that can reduce site traffic. You may be on the first page of google. Yet, what happens when people click on your site? Does it take FOREVER AND A DAY for the site to load?  How about your mobile site traffic? 

Site traffic; expediently coming into and then bouncing off a site due to slow load time will increase the “bounce rate” and lower conversion rates. People know they can find faster information or products somewhere else. Therefore, they leave with a sense of relief and companies can say Bye-Bye to a potential sale!

All SEO companies should be working on site optimization in order to help improve overall conversion rates of clients they are working with. They should always ask before starting: “What is your overall goal?”

Loud Canvas always asks this question and many others before we start and ask many other questions along the way. Adjusting for improved site optimization is a part of our SEO  process. 

My final input here is the following statement. If a business has an organic rating that is listed as number 1 on page 1 of Google, that link will get a lot more traffic (10X to be exact) than the 10th spot. 

So, let’s say you’ve now identified that your company will benefit from better search engine performance or rankings. If you have an SEO company that also improves site performance, runs PPC campaigns and improves site optimization, then yes SEO companies are definitely worth it. 

Loud Canvas’s role in SEO is to be your marketing partner. We don’t just niche in SEO, we know there is more to the puzzle than one piece. Contact us today for a free marketing assessment of your business. 

Erinn Berge

Sales Director & Customer Relationship Manager
Erinn has over 20 years of business experience in web development and online marketing, building websites, creating strategic marketing campaigns and specializing in the equestrian industry. She founded Top Line Media Team, an equestrian marketing firm, now a division of Loud Canvas. She developed skills in website/marketing project management, remote team management, and customer relationship by way of growing her own company. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the State University of NY at Morrisville and loves to work directly with clients, consulting with them on best practices of the web, and providing direction for website and marketing.

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