New Site Launch:

LCM is proud to announce the launch of another great new website for a client! This time, we’ve launched and our client finally has their place in the digital landscape! This new site coincides with their growing role as a regional provider of handicap vans and accessories to numerous hospitals, senior centers, and educational [Read More]

G.W. Tatro Construction: Social Media for Contractors

In today’s world of social media, it’s funny to think that there are avenues of industry virtually untouched and ignored by the likes of Instagram and Twitter. However, the construction industry (as well as it’s many sub-divisions of site work, civil engineering, etc), is one area that truly is a new frontier as it pertains [Read More]

Why Your Business Should Outsource Your Social Media

social media icons

Can you imagine a business today without Facebook? Twitter? Social media has become an essential component to a marketing strategy, allowing businesses to reach past, current, and potential clients with relative ease. The number one screen in our homes and in our lives is no longer our television sets, but is now our smartphones. And, [Read More]

Small Business Reminders – What Is There To Love?

As we near Valentine’s Day it is, of course, a good time to reflect on, and spend time with, those we love. It’s also a time, especially as a small business owner or a fledgling entrepreneur, to take a good hard look at your business plan. At your social media marketing. At your development strategies. [Read More]