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Contracted Webmaster Support

We strive to offer the best possible service to all our customers. While many of our clients choose to use a content management system to maintain the bulk of content on their websites, we recognize that some may not have the time or resources to manage content in-house or may have regular changes that go beyond the capabilities of a typical CMS. For these instances Loud Canvas Media has a tiered Webmaster Support Packages to aid in on-going maintenance and support needs.


Return on Investment

Compelling advantages for our clients:
  • Significantly lower costs than hiring external team member(s)
  • Minimize liability of turnover & loss of internal knowledge/resources
  • Professional service across the full spectrum of web design, development, & maintenance
  • Consistent, reliable service from an established team with proven track record

Before you hire your next full or part-time web support staff member, consider the following:

Employee Webmaster

Contracted Webmaster™

Base Cost to Company

Median Salary of $77,000 in major metro areas (example).
12% (or less) of the total cost of an employee

Additional Costs to Company

Social Security Tax, Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Vacation Time, Bonuses, Continuing Education, etc. Actual total employee costs can exceed $100,000.

Experience and Capabilities

Typically limited to content managment and graphics preparation; 2-5 years experience. Skilled programming and marketing expertise requires additional employees and/or outside vendors.
Team of experts across the full spectrum of web development and web design--with 15+ years collective experience dedicated to your organization.

Basis of Compensation

Time-based (40hr week).
Performance-based (services and results delivered).

Quality and Speed of Service

Typically slow and/or error-prone -- due to lack of experience or “learning curve” required when gaining hands-on experience in a new role or dealing with new technology.
Skilled professionals get work finished in a fraction of the time and with superior quality. We also ensure every page looks pristine, professional, and compatible with all known browsers.

Turnover Liability


Please Note: We only service a limited number of contracted web management clients at a given time in order to ensure quality service, so please contact us to check availability.

Packages & Pricing

Number of Pages (Supported)
Proactive Attention
Email & Phone Support
Website Hosting Included
On-Going Security Monitoring
Performance Optimization
Dedicated Project Management
Regular 1-1 Meetings
Priority Response
Top Priority
Response Time* (SLA)
72 Hours or Less
24 Hours or Less
4 Hours or Less
Marketing Consulting**
Standard Rate
25% Discount
50% Discount
Content Writing and SMM
Standard Rate
25% Discount
50% Discount
Free Redesign Every 5 Years
25% Discount
Retainer Hours (Monthly)
Monthly Program Price




* Response Time assumes request was received during normal business (10am - 6pm M-F); our development team is also not available on most federal holidays (i.e. Christmas, New Years, etc)

** Consulting is an in-depth analysis of your business and marketing needs and how to map technology to those needs most effectively. Discounts (if any) are based on our standard hourly rate of $85/hr.

*** Extra Custom Development is any web development that does not fall within the scope of services listed below. (eg building a custom application or installing a blog, etc). Discounts (if any) are based on our standard hourly rate of $120/hr.

NB: All plans referenced above have a minimum committment of 12 months.

Scope of work

In our responsibilities as webmaster, we will do any/all of the following:

  • Edit the content of any page
  • Add pages as necessary
  • Edit/add links or upload files as necessary (pdfs, word docs, images, etc)
  • Edit/create/obtain images as necessary (buttons, stock photos, etc)
  • Handle and alter the stylistic elements as necessary
  • Add additional content to pages as desired (from emailed request & specifications)
  • Add/update images, events, announcements, links, downloadable files, documents, etc
  • Manage/add user email accounts
  • Manage/install website analytics

Updates to your site can be discussed via email, phone, instant messaging, video conferencing, or any combination of these.

Web Design

FREE Website Redesign!

After a client has been on a Platinum Webmaster Support plan for 5+ years, they will receive a full website "facelift" at no additional cost.

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