New Site Launch:

We are very excited about the launch of the new NH1 website that we recently wrapped up! The launch gives them not only a tremendous new home on the internet, but also one of the sleekest sites that media groups have today. Loud Canvas reviewed with the team at NH1 to determine exactly what they wanted on their site, how they wanted information presented, and the messaging that they were working to convey. We worked to make sure that their updated site is attention-grabbing and easy to navigate, and integrated tools and functionality, making the navigation and use for visitors so much easier than it had been previously!
From Michael Laskowski, General Manager:
“I am excited to announce that we’ve added some fun features to the website, and we look forward to bringing you an entertaining experience every time you visit” is digital home for 10 great New Hampshire radio stations from all around the state, and with the update they were able to add four continuous music streams to their website and mobile apps. They aim to be New Hampshire’s hub for streaming music, trending videos, and entertaining articles. Take with you on your phone, on your computer, anywhere!
Sean, our Principal, had this to say about the project:
“Working with Michael and Lee from the Binnie Media team was a thrill. Coming from the marketing world themselves, they were virtually teeming with ideas and suggestions for how to improve upon their website and turn it into a hub of connectivity for their customers. It truly was a herculean team effort, with both teams coming to the table together and working in tandem to create the end product. Like a concerto or massive piece of art, the final result is something that could never have been done in isolation; it took many hands and much united brain-power. We are truly proud of our partnership and the opportunities it allows both entities for many years to come!”
Be sure to check out the new site here.
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