You’re nearing the deadline for your blog post and you’re having trouble pulling the whole thing together. You have an outline of some quality work, snippets of information, and it flows well overall. Thing is, you’re lacking structure – paragraphs aren’t quite paragraphs, sentences aren’t quite sentences. It is constantly said that some content is better than no content. Put something out there for the eyes of your audience, even if it isn’t perfect.

Lucky for you (and the rest of us), the world we live in is not only most comfortable, but is fully geared towards, reading a list as your post. Yes, even the term ‘listicle’ was created by a generation of readers to describe an article on the web that is written solely in the form of bullet-points. Why have we become increasing list-happy as content consumers? Read our – list – to find out (and learn why you should potentially be writing in list form more often!).

– A summary, in list form, of complex information is much easier to consume.
– Our generation of web users is inherently lazy – we’d rather scan than read.
– If not lazy, than users are doing that same scan to see if the content is worth their time.
– A list’s content, and in turn value, is very clear to the audience.
– The organization allows for emphasis on key points, nestling the fact into your memory bank.
– With a list you can worry less about structure and more on the content (which is most important).
– It’s seemingly less time consuming, and thus less stressful, to read a list.

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About The Author:

Part marketing strategist, part educator, all business. Chad is a proven communicator, lending his social media expertise to Loud Canvas Media.