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Why Loud Canvas for your Website Hosting, Security and Maintenance needs?

Why would you choose Loud Canvas to be your technical partner for your business’ website hosting needs? 

Loud Canvas Media is MORE than just a hosting company. If you’re just looking for some digital space to rent for your website files that’s not secure, not proactively maintaining or securing your digital property and don’t care about what your company does or what your goals are, then keep moving; Loud Canvas is not for you. 

However, if you’re looking for a proactive technical marketing partner who cares deeply about your satisfaction, proactively maintains and secures your digital files on a routine basis and supports you 24/7/365,  then STOP! We’re pleased to make your acquaintance. Loud Canvas is the hosting company for you. Here, you will be treated like family. 

Below I list 4 reasons why our customers choose Loud Canvas over other hosting providers.


Loud Canvas provides ongoing maintenance.  What does this mean? Well, first of all, Loud Canvas provides high-performance hosting and is scalable for business growth. Additionally, every day behind the scenes, our technical wizards are checking your businesses’ website for its performance. Our technical wizards routinely check for issues and inconsistencies with the site. We perform manual updates to plugins, themes, and WordPress for you. After updates are completed,  we check the site for compatibility issues and proactively eliminate problems before they occur.


Our Security FireWall is second to none. Our technical wizards are the gatekeepers to your website.  They are working around the clock 24/7/365 days a year to ensure that your site is secure. We get ahead of problems before they occur. We install and configure multiple firewalls, locking down access points and stop intruders before they get in. Web security is the foundation of what we do at Loud Canvas. We put tools in place like IP Blocking, country-level blocking, IP spooking, port sniffing and much more is protect our clients’ data. We watch their backs. We are constantly staying up to date on technology and rigorously protecting each sites’ sanctity.


Loud Canvas provides top-notch support. We’ve maintained a score of a 97% customer satisfaction rating.  So what do we do to provide such high-level service?

It’s simple really. Just like our hosting platform, our team is a high-performance team. We care about your business. Our timely, thoughtful and cheerful responses to site edit requests, troubleshooting needs or digital marketing questions are just are a foundation of our values as a company. Technically, we provide site structure, template, and content edits as requested. More importantly, our clients feel like we’ve got a handle on their needs. Our proactive approach to the many facets of our business speaks volumes to our customer satisfaction. We are also quick to provide demonstrations and strategic consultation on best practices. This leads me to my final point. Partnership.


We pride ourselves on being a partner with our clients, we are not just a silent company that provides technical needs. We understand that in your industry, whether it’s Health Care, Real Estate, web development or any other small business, you need a technical and marketing partner who will take proactive responsibility for your business. That proactive mentality is one reason that Loud Canvas is a great fit for your needs. Loud Canvas is a team that is excited about what you do and will partner with you to promote your business.


If you’re looking to scale your business, but need the edge of technical know-how,  and protection, look no further. We’re here, steady and ready to give your business the edge it needs to climb to the next level. Contact us! 

Erinn Berge

Sales Director & Customer Relationship Manager
Erinn has over 20 years of business experience in web development and online marketing, building websites, creating strategic marketing campaigns and specializing in the equestrian industry. She founded Top Line Media Team, an equestrian marketing firm, now a division of Loud Canvas. She developed skills in website/marketing project management, remote team management, and customer relationship by way of growing her own company. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the State University of NY at Morrisville and loves to work directly with clients, consulting with them on best practices of the web, and providing direction for website and marketing.

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