The Better Business Bureau (And What It's Done For Us)

Yesterday marked the five-year anniversary of Loud Canvas Media’s accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. Reflecting on this, we thought three things: 1) Those five years have passed much too quickly, 2) We’ve had tremendous success in that time frame, and 3) Was the BBB relevant in any of that success?
The BBB, while considered by many to be dead or outdated, still to this day proves its worth over and over again. When potential clients are searching for a web developer, or hosting services, they will do as all consumers do… judge books by their covers. Perusing websites, researching on social media, even networking and talking to their peers – all are great starts in discovering which business they’d like to go with. However, what stands out for Loud Canvas Media in this fast-paced world of posting, tweeting, and live-streaming, is the little BBB symbol showcased proudly on our front door and listed at the bottom of our website.
This little tag is a beacon, especially for those individuals who may not always feel comfortable in the social media sandbox, and may be still somewhat foreign to the internet-first world that we live in. There is a positive association made in people’s mind that, if a company is BBB accredited, then they are a solid business to work with. The edge that the BBB gives a business like ours, quite simply, is TRUST. A potential customer may know little more than he needs a website, and we can build him one – but seeing the BBB logo associated with our name let’s him know that we are a reliable and responsible team.
What many people do not realize is that the BBB cannot simply be ‘joined’ like some club of small businesses. A business must first apply in order to be accredited. And, once accredited, the business is held to trustworthy business practices and standards. Not every business that applies can become accredited and, with that, the successful accreditation is meaningful to potential clients.
What can the BBB do for small businesses? It can improve conversion rates, gain clients, and increase sales.

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