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LCM is proficient in widely-supported Content Management Systems, like Wordpress. By using a CMS, YOU will be able to update/add to your website quickly & easily. Our CMS implementations enable your organization to be time-effective and cost-effective.

"Working with Loud Canvas has been fantastic. The content management system I use to make daily updates to our content is intuitive, simple, and convenient...Our website has never looked better."

-Rebecca Kopycinski, Ensemble Coordinator, Vermont Symphony Orchestra (

CMS? What is it?

A content management system (CMS) is used so you can edit your website content yourself rather than have to ask your webmaster to change it.

A web based content management system (CMS) helps you manage your own data. Primarily the CMS manages the layout and presentation of the site. However, it can also be used to manage users and permissions for the site, manage other dynamic modules, and many other things. And most importantly: it (should be) easy enough to use that no technical expertise is necessary.

Primary Benefits of a CMS

  • No website or programming skills required!
  • Update/maintain your site from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Reduce I/T costs and resources

Why is this important?

Static websites are fairly easy to design but often hard to maintain (effectively). Search engines such as Google give more importance to the websites which are updated regularly.

For a static website, in order to effectively update your site content on regular basis, you would require someone (or some company) to give you continuous support. Though LCM does offer this service with our webmaster support packages, if you need to make regular and/or immediate changes to your site content, a CMS is your best option.

Quick and immediate site updates is what a content management system (CMS) is specifically designed to handle! With a CMS installed, you will be able to update pages "on the fly" whenever (and as frequently) as you want!

WP Features and Common Plugins:

Content Editor

This is the primary element of the administration system used to maintain and update the site. Using a WYSIWYG editor ("What You See Is What You Get"), you as the user are able to update the site without any prior knowledge of HTML or other web languages. Using functions similar to those found in Microsoft? Word, you will be able to Bold, Italicize, Underline, and change the color of your text as well as insert pictures and then submit it for a real time update of your page.


Using Wordfence and Anti-malware plugins can help keep out the bad guys. We manage the install to make sure you're always secure.

Contact Us Form

This is a form that, when filled out and submitted, generates an email that could be sent to one or multiple email addresses.

Announcements / Ads Box

The ads box allows you to post quick announcements of upcoming events, updates to a project, press releases, etc. to your website.

Events Manager

Display a calendar of upcoming events with a detailed event description. Run events live for a specified amount of time to cut down on manual updates.

Image Gallery

This application allows you to upload pictures to an image gallery and create categories within the image gallery.

File Uploading / Asset Management

File upload allows you to upload and host files of any type (PDFs, .doc, etc.) on your site to be available for download.

Online Journal/Blog

An application that allows you to post your daily thoughts, track progress on a project, etc. You also have the option to allow comments or not allow comments to your posts.

User Login / "Members-only Section"

This allows you to restrict certain parts of your website for login access only.

Site Search

Allow your site to have its own built in search engine. Useful if you have a large site with a lot of text.

We are also able to expand the CMS to include any custom functionality/modules specific to your needs!

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