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WordPress Malware Removal Service


Is your WordPress website infected? Perhaps you’re the victim of a compromised plugin or poorly-written template? Are you stuck tearing your hair out and feel like you don’t know where to turn?

Well, if any/all of the above sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has 10 years’ experience working with WordPress Malware Removal and cleaning up the nastiest of infections, Trojan viruses, backdoors, and every kind of malicious piece of code you can imagine.

WordPress is one of the leading open-source website/CMS platforms on the internet; but its popularity is also one of its greatest weaknesses, as hackers are inclined to seek out flaws and attempt to expose them. And they are now exposing issues with more and more regularly. That is why more and more sites are in need of a WordPress Malware Removal Service

Most WordPress infections are aimed to compromise your website account and/or server (often without you knowing) and send spam or phishing messages. Other attacks are aimed to use your server as another “leg” in a larger attack (such as a Denial of Service or “DOS” attack).

In any event – the “why” doesn’t matter. When you’ve had your site hacked, you feel like you’ve been punched in the gut by an invisible shadow. We know the feeling. You feel hopeless; you feel angry. But most of all, you feel a victim.

Well, you can take control back and reclaim your website and your business. And you can do so far more easily, quickly, and less costly than you might believe.

WordPress Malware Removal ServiceScope of Service & Fees

So to recap – if your WordPress site is compromised we offer full cleansing of any/all infected scripts. Our WordPress Malware Removal Service include:

  • We will upgrade the WordPress platform and all installed plugins to the latest versions.
  • We will seek out and destroy all compromised files.
  • We will close all “backdoors” so the hackers cannot regain access.
  • We will audit the site/account to ensure no additional security gaps remain.
  • We will install professional software, virus scanners, and plugins on the account to ensure all infections stay gone.
  • We will monitor the account and all pages 24/7 for 30 days afterward to ensure all problems are permanently removed.
  • And … we will remain a committed partner of yours to ensure your security is never compromised again!

We do everything above for $750 (one time fee) + $149/mo* for web hosting + continued security, monitoring, proactive patching, virus definition updates, & maintenance.

Due to the number of clients we service, it may take 2-4 days to remediate your issue(s). However, if you are in need of Enterprise-level support and expedited assistance, a custom quote can be provided. Contact us today to learn more.
*NB: The recurring monthly charge must be maintained for at least 24 months (minimum)


Our WordPress Malware Removal “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”

Many professional security firms often charge tens of thousands of dollars to do full security audits and comprehensive site cleanups. You heard that right: tens of thousands of dollars! These fees are so far removed from what small businesses can afford.

Here at Loud Canvas Media, we are instituting a paradigm shift. We fix compromised sites and implement security at pricing that any business can afford. And we back that up with a guarantee: You get your money back if we can’t fix your problem!

You can probably guess why we can make this promise. A) We have never had a problem we haven’t been able to fix; and B) we will work your issue as long as it takes until it fixed–at no extra charge.

Again, with this kind of guarantee, most companies would charge huge fees. However, we have a flat rate: $750.00. The only provision is we must host, support, and monitor your website going forward. We do this for two reasons:

  1. it enables us to make your site secure long-term. Our dedicated servers offer the highest up-time percentage (100%) and the greatest level of security on the marketplace.
  2. to implement the comprehensive level of scans needed to ensure EVERY “backdoor” and the malicious script is removed, we need to have “root” access to the box. To ensure this, we need to be the web host. Most websites leverage “shared” web hosting; this does not allow the level of full access needed to seek out and destroy all threats and also to ensure the hackers stay away.