Utilize Hashtags Properly


By now the world is acquainted with the relatively “new” use for hashtags that has emerged over the last decade or so. Hashtags are no longer used just to signal a number, they are now an integral tool in social media and an important utility for individuals and brands to utilize in engaging with their [Read More]

Social Media Ideas for Restaurants in 2019

We love working with restaurants in building their social media attention! Social media is an integral part of today’s marketing, and even if you AREN’T active on social media, you can be sure that your customers are tweeting, publishing, and posting about your food, service, and establishment. Here are a few ideas to develop your [Read More]

Digital Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

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You know this already: social media is of ever-growing importance to businesses, and should absolutely be taken advantage of. Part of that is keeping informed of the newest trends so that you are able to give your business the greatest leverage. 2018 has been a year of expanding and building off of 2017 social media [Read More]

LCM's Social Media Internal Memo

Team: Wanted to get you a little ‘cheat-sheet’ as it pertains to social media marketing and management. The 1st rule in social media is a no-brainer, but people, businesses, and brands ALWAYS forget…you need to be social on social media. You cannot just set it and forget it, like a garden it needs to be [Read More]

Social Media Best Practices for 2017


Understand the Platforms and the Individualized Strategy for Each Working with any social media platform – especially the big four of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn – you have to understand that the strategy has to be individualized for each account. We often liken social media to a pair of pants–and each platform is a [Read More]

3 Social Media New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

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Don’t just post. Resolve to post and publish constantly and consistently across each of your social media platforms. Think of it this way: Your clients and customers don’t want unreliable service, so don’t give them unreliable posts, tweets, and blogs. Set a schedule and commit to providing a high quantity of high-quality content. Don’t forget [Read More]

3 Ways We Can Boost Your Business with SMM

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Understand Your Audience, Then Capitalize Social media is all about content, information, and attention. Platforms like Twitter allow users to reveal what they are thinking, where they are, and other information about themselves that wouldn’t normally be easily accessible. Loud Canvas’ SMM team works to learn as much as possible about your audience, absorbing knowledge [Read More]

Should A Business or Brand Auto-Post?


When a business or a brand works to figure out a social media marketing plan, there is a question that regularly will come up: To auto-post or not to auto-post? That is, should you have your posts to Facebook automatically be posted on Twitter (and vice versa)? When Twitter was new to the social scene, [Read More]

Summer Social Media Musings

It may be warm, sunny, and perfect this summer, but odds are that even if you are outdoors that you’re eyes are still glued to the smart device that has become a permanent fixture to your hand. With that in mind, here are our top four thoughts, trends, and snippets in the social media world [Read More]

Increase Your Social ‘Realness’


Just as the technology of our world changes each day, social media is progressing at the speed of light. On any number of platforms, businesses and brands are able to reach multitudes of users – and these users are individuals who know EXACTLY what they are looking for. They are not looking for content just [Read More]

G.W. Tatro Construction: Social Media for Contractors

In today’s world of social media, it’s funny to think that there are avenues of industry virtually untouched and ignored by the likes of Instagram and Twitter. However, the construction industry (as well as it’s many sub-divisions of site work, civil engineering, etc), is one area that truly is a new frontier as it pertains [Read More]

Spring Cleaning Your Social Media: LCM’s 10 Tips

Spring cleaning around your house? Remember that you should definitely consider cleaning your business’ social media applications as well. A thorough cleaning will ensure that your platforms are organized, up-to-date, and operating at their optimum efficiency. Here are Loud Canvas Media’s 10 Social Media Spring Cleaning tips: Make sure that your business’ profile picture – [Read More]

Why Your Business Should Outsource Your Social Media

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Can you imagine a business today without Facebook? Twitter? Social media has become an essential component to a marketing strategy, allowing businesses to reach past, current, and potential clients with relative ease. The number one screen in our homes and in our lives is no longer our television sets, but is now our smartphones. And, [Read More]