Tips for Your Social Strategy: 16 for 2016

1) You need to remember that, especially in this day and age, you are your own media company. You want to be seen and heard across all platforms – the larger your audience, the more leverage you have. Work to gain a deep connection with that audience, leading to more room for personal branding and [Read More]

Star Power

Last Tuesday, Twitter went ahead and changed one of the three ways in which fellow users can respond to a tweet (the others being a retweet and a reply), ending the ‘favorite’ and replacing it with a ‘like’. The ‘star’ icon would seemingly be no more, and the ‘heart’ icon would live on. Twitter followed [Read More]

Storytelling on Instagram: People, Process, & Product

Businessman and TV personality Marcus Lemonis stresses that there are three P’s required for the success of a business: People, Process, and Product. The same could be said for the success of your social media platforms, especially Instagram. You need to have a steady balance of each ‘P’ in order to sell your product, get [Read More]