Not Utilizing Video on Your Website? You Should Be

Video is becoming more and more prominent on the web. Social media platforms like Facebook have become the next networks and go-to spots for news updates and live-streams. Video is, at its core, much easier for people to ‘digest’ – the ability to watch something instead of reading an article is a more passive, seemingly [Read More]

Improve SEO by Posting Content More Often


Going online is an everyday occurrence; people are spending more time on the Internet now than ever before. If the sites that you frequently visit never added new content, you would get bored, lose interest, and rarely check back with the page. When was the last time you made an update to your site? Think of [Read More]

The Case for HTTPS Sites (Improved Google Rank)


In August of 2014, Google made the announcement that switching your website from HTTP to HTTPS would give your site a minor boost in rankings as HTTPS was made a ranking indicator in search engines. Sure, it’s almost been a full two years, and while it’s a seemingly simple change many companies have not yet [Read More]

Increase Your Social ‘Realness’


Just as the technology of our world changes each day, social media is progressing at the speed of light. On any number of platforms, businesses and brands are able to reach multitudes of users – and these users are individuals who know EXACTLY what they are looking for. They are not looking for content just [Read More]

5 Things You Can’t Forget: Winter Edition

Don't forget

1) Want to generate a buzz around a particular topic? Even better… would you then want to then write a blog post on that topic? Don’t hesitate to ask Twitter users directly for their input! By contacting users directly (be it those that are either ‘influencers’ or those who are ‘experts’ in the field), you’ll [Read More]

Digital Natives: How Youth Perceive The Internet

Today’s youth are digital natives. On the one hand, they are comfortable accessing and utilizing the Internet as well as the masses of applications that are developed daily. On the other, they are seemingly at ease with the lack of privacy that the internet has created, a space where it’s almost considered odd to NOT [Read More]

The Mobilegeddon Aftermath (Or Lack Thereof)

It’s been just about 3 weeks since the Google-driven “Mobilegeddon” was rolled out, an algorithm starting to rank websites that were mobile-friendly and responsive higher than those sites that were not. Now that the dust has settled, many wonder what the impacts have been. The short answer? There are really no substantial results…yet. At present, [Read More]

“Mobilegeddon” is Coming


It goes without saying…your website should be mobile-friendly. It is 2015 after all. And yet, there are still a number of businesses that do not have a mobile website. With knowledge of Google’s recent announcement of a pending update, paired with the continued expansion of mobile usage, it is undeniable that your site should be [Read More]