Your Social Media Content Recipe: Created vs. Curated

Many business and brands reach out to us and ask, “What is the best mix of content on our social media channels?” It’s a question that’s been asked a number of times before and will be continued to be asked as platforms grow, change, ebb, and flow. The truth is, there is no ‘one-size fits [Read More]

LinkedIn’s Changes (And Why You Should Spend Time on the Platform)

You may have noticed in the last few weeks two MAJOR changes that LinkedIn has made: 1) Posts now go public. 2) Users can natively upload video. It may have only been a matter of time, but these updates continue to make this ‘business first’ platform one that is also quite the content-sharing application. Your [Read More]

Not Utilizing Video on Your Website? You Should Be

Video is becoming more and more prominent on the web. Social media platforms like Facebook have become the next networks and go-to spots for news updates and live-streams. Video is, at its core, much easier for people to ‘digest’ – the ability to watch something instead of reading an article is a more passive, seemingly [Read More]