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Why Video Is Valuable

Video is well and above the single most demanded medium in existence. Because it encompasses all other types of media. Like voice, music, sound, visuals, graphics, film, text, and more! It has all of those and no other form of media is has them. This makes video not only unique, but more effective in communicating points and understanding than any other way, sometimes, even more than in person.

Video connects people in a way that text and image-based ads can not. You don’t have any sense of tone or human connection with an image. This makes it harder to hit home why people should even pay attention to whatever you are showing them. Radio and podcasts ads have a better human connection but lack any sort of visual element, making it hard to help the consumer fully realize the full picture. Video fixes all of those problems and if done correctly, is more impactful than even telling them about it face to face.

Despite all of this, most local companies don’t utilize video. Not just in advertising, but in content, visuals, or their website. Our goal is not to just provide you with videos for promotions, but videos as a new asset for video content and visuals putting your company on a whole new level that few others have yet to even tap into

Why Video In Social Media?

Not convinced that video is necessary online? Well here is the numbers. Consumers are 27.4 times more likely to click on a video ad over an image-based one. Video also boasts a 1,200% share rate over all other forms of advertising combined and this number is only growing. And lastly, over half of all online activity is video-oriented. It has absolutely dominated any other form of media online. Not having video online is like not having an entree for your meal and instead, choosing to only have an appetizer or dessert.

TV watch rates are declining, not only that but it’s very expensive to use and it’s a shot in the dark approach of reaching potential customers. With video online, you can target what type of people you reach, meaning you don’t waste money on unlikely customers. Putting a local 30-second ad on a primetime TV spot could cost you over $1,000 a day! Not only does paying for advertising online cost a mear fraction of that, but you can have your video online for free forever, unlike on TV where it’s here for half a minute, then to maybe never be seen again.

Companies like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram know the value of video content, and whenever you post it is pushed more prominently on their feeds. Facebook is more than 10 times likely to show you a video over any other form of media on your feed, and that’s before you put in any money into advertising a video. Video online is the single most effective and powerful way to reach your future customers as well as the best value and use of your money.

Why Loud Canvas?

Unlike other companies, we base our success off of yours. Boosting your business and taking it to the next level is what we love doing. What does this look like in practice? It means actually connecting with you and your business bringing you high-quality productions with a clear direction that we craft together as a team. We don’t have a copy and paste solution, we approach every client with a fresh and open mind on how we can best approach your goals and how to best achieve them.

Our strategy is different than anyone else. Even though we are making videos to be advertised, we are crafting these to be successful with or without post-investment. We are looking to create content and not typical advertising that you see online. We want to build authentic messages and real connections with the viewer using high-quality, film-like visuals to vastly set your videos apart from any others.

We love video because we see it as not only the next best thing, but the best thing in the last decade, yet we see that it’s being largely ignored in its value and potential. This has a potential impact to boost your company like nothing else has. And we are beyond excited to bring you into this really exciting opportunity.

William Hermonat

Videographer | Digital Marketer
With over 10 years of experience with video and graphic design, William has tons of experience under his belt with a very diverse background of projects and skills. Never stopping at just meeting your every need, he will always to be looking to beat your standards as well as his own. William also has experience and skills with photography, social media management, website design, podcasting, and music, making him a jack of all trades when it comes to all things media. When not working for LCM William is most likely working on some other personal video, graphic design, or some other media-related project. No one lives and breathes these skills every day quite like William.

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