Earn Commission by Simply Referring Clients

Loud Canvas Media has in place a robust referral/reseller program to help incentivize our partners and freelancers to refer clients. LCM has a wide range of products and services, and a 15% commission is currently in effect when referring any new business to us.

Additionally, commission payouts for any reoccurring services will also be provided on an on-going basis (in perpetuity) to the Referrer.


Checks for all commissions will be paid at the first of each month. You can indicate in your Reseller Dashboard if there is a minimum threshold you desire to be met before a check is cut (i.e. $20, $50, $100, etc)

Quantifable Returns

Please examine the rates in the tables below, which outline a rough level of services and the approximate monetary amount for referring business to LCM. If you are a freelance designer/developer, you may ALSO have the option of undertaking the service for which you operate. For example, if you are a Web Designer and refer a client looking for a complete new website (e.g. web hosting, template coding, Wordpress integration, custom functionality, etc) you may elect to handle the creation of the Web Design and will ALSO receive an on-going commission for other services rendered.

One-time Referral Amounts

Any Contracted Agreement

Product Comission Additional Details
Website Design / Redesign 15% For all contracts ranging $500 - $95,000. Note: Freelance designers can also create the design, but designer referral commission is (Project Cost - Designer Fees) x 15%. Designer will be eligible for any/all web hosting/support commissions in perpetuity.
E-Commerce Website 15% For all contracts ranging $2500 - $95,000.
Custom Web Development Project 10% Note: Freelance developers may handle the project development (at an hourly rate), but forego project commission as a result.
Security Consulting / Website Management 10% Commission applies for the first 24 months of contract.

Reoccurring Services

Clients have the ability to pay for on-going services monthly, quarterly, or annually; so the structure below outlines your approximate commission amount for each.

If you do NOT wish to receive reoccurring revenue, you may elect for a one-time payment for providing the referral. This amount is listed in the "One-Time" column. By choosing this option you forego any reoccurring monies in lieu of the one-time payout.

Basic Website Hosting $7.50/mo $22.50/qtr $90.00/yr $50.00
Managed Web Hosting/Support $44.85/mo $134.55/qtr $538.20/yr $125.00

Marketing / Website Packages ("Full Marketing Solutions")

Website Design Packages $112.50 $562.50 $1,425.00
Search Engine Optimization Packages $269.85 $270.00 $2,700.00

Please read up on our products and services, as information is power and it's often easier to refer a client to a product you know a little bit about. But in all cases - YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SELLING anything. You simply need to refer the client to receive a commission. :-)

Please send any questions about our referral program to [email protected]

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