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SEO Professional Gold Package

$185 per week for 24 months min

For those seeking a long-term SEO strategy*, this is LCM's most effective and value-added option. This package is for businesses and non-profits eager to enhance their website exposure to search engines, but realize it can take a dedicated and prolonged strategy. This on-going service package allows for premium results; this package comes with a dedicated SEO consultant who is aligned to your long-term needs and goals.

Gold Package Breakdown

  • General Research - We take pride in becoming more knowledgeable about the businesses we work with. It is essential to providing you with the most effective SEO strategy.
  • Extensive Keyword Research - Using specialized tools, we are able to identify the hottest key search terms in your industry.
  • Search Engine Optimization Evaluation - We will work with you to identify your site's short-comings. If analytics are available, we can analyze them to determine how current visitors reach your website and how to better direct customers to the right places.
  • SEO Consultation - After extensive research, we will gather all information and establish an individualized goal specifically tailored for your business needs. Each month we will meet with you to discuss the progress made in the previous month.
  • Execution
    • Update meta data/tags (description, keywords, etc)
    • Update page titles
    • Update/refine header tags (h1/h2/h3)
    • Make recommendations for site content and structure
    • Hands-on content writing and re-writing
    • Install Google Analytics (if not already established) & interpret reports as needed
    • Creation and implementation of a link-building strategy. This includes both keyword specific internal linking and credible outbound linking suggestions
    • Consulting scheduled at your convenience.

Integrate Your Website

With this package, we offer highly specialized monthly consultation and tips to connect other marketing efforts to your website. This is especially helpful with:

  • Email or Adwords Landing pages with high conversion rates
  • Reporting Processes
  • Strategies behind promotions or special events

Duration: 24 Months (minimum).

*Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a service and an iterative process. It often takes time to achieve solid results. As such, our packages are for a contracted set period of time and a set level of work during that duration. At the end of this "period" (be it 6, 12, or 24+ months) we aim to hit a goal or series of goals defined for your site. We cannot promise specific results (eg "Google page 1 for a certain keyword"), but we CAN work hard to get you toward that/those goal(s) and well-positioned for success. This will ultimately increase your bottom line via increased visibility to your target consumer.

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