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How Video Is Revolutionizing Real Estate Listings

Video is changing the standards for many industries, but for real estate, video has had a very trackable and extremely positive result. Let’s break down some of the most staggering statistics and numbers and explain why you should consider adding video to your next real estate listing.

4 Times More Leads

When using video to sell a property, statistics show an increase of 4 times more leads than without video. Not only is video great for selling properties, but it’s also great for Realtors who are looking to attract sellers. A recent statistic shows homeowners are 73% more likely to list with a Realtor who uses video to sell a property than ones who don’t.

Especially with the current pandemic going on, the requests for virtual or digital tours are becoming rapidly popular. And now that it’s in demand, customers are starting to prefer the quick and instant review of a property with a video ready to go rather than scheduling a showing and traveling to the property

68% More Likely To Sell

Real estate companies can highly benefit from using video. Studies show that real estate companies that utilize video see a return on investment of 270%. This is due to the fact that these listings are 68% more likely to sell versus properties that do not use these marketing tools.

Drone videos are especially powerful when you are working with a higher-end house or a place with a lot of land or vast features to show off. An aerial video just has that hype factor that photos or even normal video can’t match, making your potential buyers more excited and more confident about sending an offer.

157% boost in organic search results

Video can help increase revenue in all stages of the buying process. First of all, video is the most visible and most engaging media format. Web pages that have video can expect to get 157% boost in organic search results than ones with no video utilization–thus helping generate more leads.

Not only is video good for your web SEO, but it also does wonders for your social media. Social media platforms will prioritize video posts over any other type of content, which means there is a greater chance of featured properties being seen and reaching larger audiences.

For real estate companies specifically, video can also help answer many of the initial questions a potential buyer may have, this will help spark their interest and make it more likely for them to reach out to learn more.

When a video is done correctly, a property can be made especially attractive to buyers. Let us help you boost your sales with our professional video and aerial services. Check out our examples on our Real Estate Video Page. Contact us here or call us at 1-(833) 568-3226 today!

William Hermonat

Videographer | Digital Marketer
With over 10 years of experience with video and graphic design, William has tons of experience under his belt with a very diverse background of projects and skills. Never stopping at just meeting your every need, he will always to be looking to beat your standards as well as his own. William also has experience and skills with photography, social media management, website design, podcasting, and music, making him a jack of all trades when it comes to all things media. When not working for LCM William is most likely working on some other personal video, graphic design, or some other media-related project. No one lives and breathes these skills every day quite like William.

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