Friday the 13th Superstitions With The LCM Team – Fun Friday!

It’s Friday the 13th! So we asked around the office if anyone had some interesting superstitions. The answers may surprise you. Here is what they had to say…

Dave Coffin
“I can only step on cracks or stairs that have a pole coming out of it with my left foot, and my left foot always has to be the first foot to reach the top of the stairs. Otherwise, it feels…….wrong.”
Dave Coffin
“Never put on the rally cap unless it’s absolutely necessary.”
Sean Dempsey President and Owner of Loud Canvas Media
“I have a thing about ghosts. I see them everywhere. They live in my house and in the building I work. They follow me everywhere and scream at me with screams no one else can hear. I sometimes feel I am going mad. I tell people about the ghosts. They don’t believe me. Please make them go away. Please”
“If I go to a show in Boston without my jacket (summer or winter doesn’t matter) something bad will happen.”
Erinn Berge
I have a thing about the luck with hanging horseshoes… You can’t hang a horseshoe upside down-ever- because all the luck will run out! I have a neighbor who has a horseshoe that hangs with the end pointing down- the luck runs out that way. That’s no good. The horseshoe ends have to be pointed up! For good luck. This is the only way to keep the luck in!
I like watching sports, but I am by no means a crazy sports fan or anything. However, if a big important game is on I’ll be sure to make sure I dress up in team apparel and or colors. If my team loses I’ll never wear any of those pieces of clothing to a big game ever again.