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Utilize Hashtags Properly

by Chad Dorman
Hashtags categorize social media content which makes it easier for users to find related information, thereby helping to increase the visibility of your messages and boost your social shares. When used inappropriately, however, these symbols can negatively impact your credibility on your social platforms.

Youtube channel influencer

Here are 7 steps to take before creating your YouTube Channel

by Erinn Berge
So, you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel, eh?  YouTube is a great place to add an additional layer of content to your brand and either drive traffic to or from that channel to your place of conversion. I say “Go for it!”. However, even before we get into the specifics about how to technically start a YouTube channel, like where to go and the steps to take,  there’s a little bit of pre-planning and forethought that needs to be done. Here are 7 action steps to take or think about before creating your channel.

Want to YouTube? Learn the Steps

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