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Answering Your 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions About E-Commerce

If you have a retail business you are probably wondering, how can I keep things going as normal, or at least as close to normal as possible during the current state of Covid-19?

Well, the answer for some of you could be having an e-commerce site! Here are commonly asked questions for your review.

What is e-commerce?

E-Commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services online. It is the largest sector of the electronics industry.

What are the advantages of e-commerce?

Leveraging the world wide web to boost sales. With e-commerce being the largest sector of the electronics industry, e-commerce sales topped 1 trillion in 2012. In March 2020, e-commerce hit an all-time high due to COVID-19. Studies show that in the US as many as 29% of surveyed shoppers state they will never go back to shopping in person again; in the UK, 43% of consumers state that they expect to keep on shopping the same way even after the lockdown is over.

Is it scalable?

Loud Canvas utilizes tools so that you are able to grow to your maximum potential. If it’s one or a thousand products it doesn’t matter. Your website will grow with you. Wi

Does Loud Canvas offer support for it?th these tools, e-commerce is not only scalable but efficient. Providing the best experience possible for your visitors.

Yes! We love e-commerce websites and have lots of experience. Don’t take our word for it. Look at our portfolio and our testimonials!

How many products can I start out with?

You can start with one and you can end with as many as you want. It’s up to you! We also offer imports from your existing e-commerce platform for anyone who may have an existing e-commerce website.

Does the system track inventory for me?

Yes! The system will track inventory as well as contact you when stock is low. This can be turned on or off depending on if you want to be notified.

Can my product have different options?

Yes! Your products can have as many options as you like. Each option can also have its own inventory, SKU, and more. This is especially nice for things like hats or shirts which may have limited stocks on colors or sizes.

Is the payment processing secure?

Every transaction is secured with a 128bit SSL encryption. This makes sure your data is always secure and up to compliance.

Can I take Visa/MasterCard?

Yes, however, what cards are accepted is depending on your processor. We have great suggestions for processors and can also work with your existing processor if you have one.

Can I use PayPal?

Yes. Paypal is a great service that works seamlessly with our services. Paypal knows the importance of safety and has several protections in place to protect its buyers and sellers.

Why Should I choose Loud Canvas?

Loud Canvas has lots of experience with e-commerce websites of all kinds. With this experience, we have learned the ins and outs of e-commerce for all kinds of online stores. We also have the ability to custom develop anything to meet your needs.  Check out some of our e-commerce sites!

How do I get started?

Contact Loud Canvas and talk to one of our project managers today! We will set up your project into phases and give you a clear start and end to your project while updating you on progress along the way. Contact us! 

George Whitcher

George has been professionally developing websites and software for companies worldwide since 2006. With all those years of experience George has become known for his proficiency, attention to detail, and of course his charming smile! George is always learning the latest technologies and furthering his education. He is a Web Developer, Web Designer, Graphic Artist, Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Mobile Application Developer, Windows Application Developer, IT Administrator (Linux & Windows), Database Administrator, 3D Designer, Indie Game Developer, and more. No matter how big or small your project is George is ready to see any aspect of it through! When George isn’t working or furthering his education he is spending time with his family. He also has many hobbies like snowboarding, playing music, cooking (smoking), and football. Go Patriots!

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